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If you are considering an all-girls’ Catholic school for your daughter next fall, you might be interested in my article in the January, 2018 Town Crier Schools magazine (page 4). Click here and scroll down a bit on the right to “January 2018 Print Edition”:


Read my article about the exciting new improvements to the Michael Garron Hospital in the May, 2018 East York Chronicle:


STOP THE WASH! Skip the wash to save lakes and fish, EY car dealer says. You might want to rethink your next car wash after reading my article in the April 2018 East York Chronicle:


Big store for small men closing after death of owner. Find out why closing of Brown’s for short men is the end of an era in Toronto, in the March, 2018 Streeter:


More than just business at A Kind Heart. Find out more about this small store with a big heart, in the March 2018 Streeter:


See what makes CLAP Art An art studio you can applaud, in my column, The Midtown View, in the February, 2018 Streeter:


It’s only the third week in January and many of us are already looking forward to our next long weekend. Find out more in my column Andrea’s Musings, in the January/February 2018 East York Chronicle:


Read my article in the November, 2017 Town Crier Schools magazine and see why kids love Metro Prep Academy:


No shortage of laughs at Absolute Comedy. Read more about it in my column, the Midtown View, in the November, 2017 Streeter:


On November 25, check out the Santa’s Streetcar toy drive and see how you can make a difference in a child’s life this Christmas season. To find out more, read my article in the November 2017 East York Chronicle:


Read what I discovered about one of midtown Toronto’s favorite streets, in the October 2017 Streeter:


When preparing your home for winter, sometimes it’s the things you cannot see that matter most. Read more about it in my article Pre-winter home renos are a prudent step to take now in the October 2017 issue of the East York Chronicle:


Thinking about home renovations this summer? Perhaps my article Summer a great time for home renos will help. Find out more in the July 2017 East York Chronicle:


Community members have their say in building a more livable Yonge-Eglinton area. Read more about it in my column, Midtown View, in the June 2017 issue of the North Toronto Town Crier:


Read about Helena  and Lauren saving lives one used battery at a time in the May 2017 East York Chronicle:


See how the Peer Project is making a positive difference in the lives of youths and young adults in the April 2017 East York Chronicle:


Remember the good old fashioned video stores? One is actually still going strong on Avenue Road in Toronto:


To find out how you can enjoy a unique, fun night out in Toronto, read my column about Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theater in the Town Crier Newspaper:


The summer heat’s been great, but if it’s done a number on your hair, read my article in the September East York Chronicle for some tips on how to get it looking healthy and in style for fall:

Helping hair recover from summer and getting into the fall swing

Read the first of my new column Midtown View at the Town Crier Newspaper:

Mixed feelings at Yonge Eglinton Centre

Check out my article You’re a Man Now, Start Acting Like One! in Montreal Jewish Online Magazine:


Don’t let winter get you down! Read how to keep your body feeling revived and your eyebrows looking groomed in my two articles published in the winter issue of the East York Chronicle:

Fast and easy ways to beat the winter body blahs

Eyebrow care isn’t just for the ladies

Inspired by my grandmother not long before she passed away, please read my article Life in a Nursing Home – the Lonely Truth in the summer issue of Healthy Living Magazine:

Have you fallen behind on your summer beauty treatments? Find out more about summer hair, nail and skin care in my featured article in the August 2015 East York Chronicle:

Nails, hair and skin require special care in the hot summer months

Start your summer reading off right with the June issue of the East York Chronicle, and my article Detours, Dust and Delays:


Also, read this month’s column Who Are You Trying to Kid?:


Click the link below to read my article “Suicide Gulch” -Are we doing all we can to stop Leaside Bridge suicides? in the March 2015 East York Chronicle:

“Suicide Gulch” -Are we doing all we can to stop Leaside Bridge suicides?

Also, my column in this month’s Chronicle comes just in time for March break. Click the link below to read March Break: Madness or Just Mad?

March Break: madness or just mad? -by Andrea Freedman

In the January 2015 East York Chronicle, read my column Adult slumber parties are no picnic and find out how I really feel about sleeping over at other people’s houses:

Adult slumber parties are no picnic

Still not sure if you should get a flu shot this winter? Maybe my column Giving the Flu Vaccine Another Shot in the December 2014 East York Chronicle can help you decide:

COLUMNS: Giving the flu vaccine another shot -Andrea Freedman

Read my advice about a simple way to stay in shape this fall and winter – Get Outside and Walk the Walk in East York, in the November, 2014 East York Chronicle:

Get outside and walk the walk in East York!

Just in time for the October 27, 2014 Toronto mayoral election, read my article

Vote with confidence –but keep it to yourself!

and see what I have to say about sharing your political views, in the October 2014 issue of the East York Chronicle Magazine:

BRAIN FOOD: Vote with confidence –but keep it to yourself!

Read the September 16, 2014 issue of the Jewish Tribune for my article Not All Blessings Should Be Kept in Disguise:


Check out my article Closet cleaning: just can’t give it away, in the new East York Chronicle Magazine:

Closet cleaning: I just can’t give it away!

Read how Not Working Works For Me on page 8 of the July 2014 East Yorker.

Be sure to check out the June 2014 issue of the East Yorker newspaper for my special Father’s Day feature.

Having a mom is something to celebrate – read my Mother’s Day feature in the May 2014 East Yorker.

Do you think you need a personal trainer in order to have a good workout? I don’t! Read more about it in my article Hiring a personal trainer is a person choice on page 9 of the April 2014 East Yorker.

Have you ever felt guilty for switching hairdressers even if it saved a lot of money? Read about the awkwardness of it all in my article Splitting Ends – Not So Cut and Dried in the February, 2014 issue of the East Yorker community newspaper, free on stands in East York.

See page 8 of this week’s issue (December 12, 2013) of the Canadian Jewish News for my article Hi, I’m Jewish:


Read my article Redefining Friendship in the Fall 2013 issue of Empty Nest Magazine:


For the November 29, 2013 issue of the East Yorker, I have written a special feature (St. Columba & All Hallows Church Celebrates 60 Years Serving East York) celebrating St. Columba & All Hallows Church’s 60th anniversary of providing community outreach services to the East York community.

Just in time for Halloween, in this week’s East Yorker my article It’s All A Masquerade talks about costumes and disguises and provides a list of costume shops in East York.

In the October 11, 2013 issue of the East Yorker, my article My Clean Little Secret explores the guilty pleasures of employing a cleaning lady. On stands throughout East York for two weeks.

My Cooking REALLY Takes the Cake! Read all about it in the September 27 issue of the East Yorker.

Check out my new page Contests & Awards for an exciting update!

Discover more about some of the beaches in Toronto in my article Life in East York can be a beach!, August 30 issue, East Yorker paper.

Read my article Getting Accustomed to Others’ Customs, in next week’s issue of the Canadian Jewish News (page 21), coming out Thursday, August 29, 2013:


Are you a golf widow? Read my tips on how to make it through the season married to a golfer in my article Foouuurrr! in the August 16 issue of the East Yorker.

Do you worship the sun? I confess, I do. Read all about it in my article Healthy tan or “tanorexia”?, page 10 of the July 26, 2013 East Yorker, free on stands throughout East York, Toronto for the next two weeks.

I am now a regular writer for the East Yorker community newspaper, FREE on stands throughout East York, Toronto. Read the first of my summer series in the July 12, 2013 issue.

Check out the June 7, 2013 issue of the East Yorker community newspaper in Toronto for my article Pet Peeve.

Read my latest publication Seniors’ Walk of Freedom in the April 17, 2013 issue of Healthy Directions Magazine, (Fit For Life Section):


Check with me the week of St. Patrick’s Day for a special tribute edition.

You can now follow me on Twitter @andreafreedman1

  1. Dawna Wightman

    Hello Andrea! Good. For. YOU.

    You can imagine how shocked I was, sitting in Tino’s waiting for takeout, when I picked up the East Yorker and read about a woman on basically the same journey as me!

    Though I am here to be an actor and novelist, I am always looking to build bridges to new opportunities.

    As a person new to Toronto and now working from home writing, I do hope you and I can meet and chat about how we can help each other’s businesses grow.

    My web site: http://www.dawnawightman.com

    Email: wightrabiit@gmail.com

    Cell: 416.557.1889


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