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Sanitary Doesn’t Always Smell Good

By Andrea Freedman

Recently, when I ran out of all of my cleaning supplies at once and nothing I needed was on sale, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to try cleaning with good old-fashioned vinegar and water, especially since it is said to be better for the environment and costs less than it does to purchase all of the individual cleaning supplies I usually need.

I had only previously used vinegar in the kitchen, not as a cleaning product, but rather as a condiment or part of a garnish or salad dressing. While vinegar is great with things like French fries or fish and chips, I had always been skeptical about cleaning with it, especially since when I was growing up, my mom kept a spotlessly clean home and I was always used to walking into our house and immediately smelling cleaning products.

Still, I started imagining all the fun things I could buy with the money I would save by cleaning with vinegar, not to mention the space I would cut down on in my cupboard. Also, I figured if vinegar and water is good enough as to be used for feminine hygiene it certainly must be good enough to clean with.

I obviously used white vinegar for cleaning but laughed to myself that if I were to try balsamic or red wine vinegar for cleaning, I would be able to tell people that they could literally eat off my floor.

I must confess that I was not completely happy with the results. The mirrors and other glass surfaces were slightly streaky, the floor looked a little on the dull side and trying to give the bathtub a good scrub just wasn’t the same. Further, when I got home after going out later that afternoon, I did not get the same sense of satisfaction I usually do after devoting hours to cleaning and let’s face it, that’s part of the reason I do it in the first place.

When my husband walked in later and immediately had to go outside on the balcony (even though it was a freezing cold winter day) because of being assaulted by the smell of vinegar I knew it was time to rethink this experiment. After all, food and cooking smells are some of the odors I try to eliminate when I clean. Our place actually smelled better before I used the vinegar!

It just goes to show you: Even when you try to save money, everything comes with a price. When I clean in the future I may try one of the more environmentally friendly, less harsh cleaning supplies on the market, but I think I will save the vinegar for my salad dressing.♦


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