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No Time for Part-time Job

By Andrea Freedman

Recently, I was offered a part-time job, three hours a day. The trouble was, the three hours were to take place every single day during the week from Monday to Friday; the same routine five days a week, which was one of the things I wanted to get away from when I started working as a freelancer.

I am not knocking all part-time jobs, but in my opinion, having a job five days a week amounts to a full-time job in disguise, except that the pay is not even a fraction of what I used to make when I really did work full-time and leaves very little room for life balance or in my case, writing.

Nevertheless, I was briefly tempted. After all, at least I would be making some extra, guaranteed money that would be paid bi-weekly even in between writing jobs. I experienced a momentary feeling of guilt, thinking that I was passing up a chance to contribute even a little bit more money to our household expenses. That was until I sat down and really thought about things logically.

When you are doing something right in the middle or later in the day, that is really the main part of the day and I find the rest of the time is spent in limbo either waiting or getting ready for work. I reminded myself that I am already working and just because I am enjoying what I am doing does not mean that it is still not work. Taking something else on five days a week wouldn’t give me enough time to do that.

Sure many of the writing jobs I do don’t pay that well, but they do pay, and the more I work, the more I earn. Since I love writing, having more of it to do is not really a chore. The only stress comes from the challenge of getting it all done on time and to produce quality work, even if some days I experience the dreaded writers’ block. If I took this so-called part time job, it would definitely get in the way of my writing career and it would not amount to much in the long run. In fact, it could actually be to my detriment financially and otherwise.

Something told me that this would be the wrong decision, mostly because it would be equivalent to copping out and putting my dreams aside. I have spent too much time and worked too hard to give it all up for something that could set me back and so I politely declined.

When I met with one of the publishers I work for the next day and he proceeded to tell me how much work I would have to do for him within only the next week, I knew for sure that I had made the right choice.

Taking the easy way out might sometimes seem like the right thing to do but it rarely is. Persevering to accomplish what really matters to you, however, is an investment in yourself. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get back to work.♠



Copyright © by Andrea Freedman 2016



Hard to Keep Our Cool During Fridge Fiasco

By Andrea Freedman

When the shelf in our fridge that holds the condiments broke off, all I really wanted was to have that part replaced. As the broken piece did not render the fridge nonfunctional, imagine my surprise when I was informed by our property manager that we would be getting a whole new fridge anyway. Sound exciting? Well, believe it or not, in some ways it turned out to be more trouble than it was worth.

After waiting for weeks and cramming all the condiments that used to be on the side of the fridge temporarily onto the other shelves, I was told that the new fridge, which had been on order for at least a month had finally arrived and that it would be best if I were home on the day the superintendent planned to install it.

What I thought would be something very simple turned into one problem after another. First the new fridge would not fit through the kitchen doorway; that was until I reluctantly agreed to have the door removed altogether to make more space.

It was a beautiful fall day and I had intended to get the fridge switch-over out of the way quickly so I could get outside and enjoy the nice weather; little did I know what I was in for! After emptying the contents of the old fridge, throwing things out then putting everything back in the new fridge, I thought that was that and went on with my day.

A few hours later, I came home to an unusually loud noise. I quickly realized it was coming from the new fridge, and when I went into the kitchen, to my shock, I saw that the fridge was actually shaking! Panicking that it might explode in the middle of the night – and at the very least that the noise would make it impossible for my husband and I to sleep – I called my super to come back yet again.

At first it was suggested that he might have to bring the old fridge back (in other words, I would need to empty all the food out of the new fridge and put it back where it came from in the first place), only to go through this whole exercise again whenever the part came in that I was told would be needed to stop the terrible noise. In the meantime, the new, defective refrigerator would sit in our hallway anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

If any of you are renters, you know how long you often have to wait for repairs and other requests, so I was reluctant to have this eyesore taking up space in our apartment with no control over how long it would take before things were resolved.

At this point, I longed for my old fridge and almost wished I never would have reported the broken shelf in the first place.

Fortunately the super was able to come up with a temporary solution but while the noise has stopped for now, the irony is that the shelf in the freezer was part of what was causing the racket and has since been removed. So, it seems I gave up one shelf for another. Also, it turns out that the new fridge is actually not that practical. In fact, it seems like a custom made appliance for a Little Person. Although I am on the short side, even I am finding the shelves unusually low to the ground, so much so that I need to crouch down to get things. My husband, who is over six feet tall, is having even a more difficult time than I am.

Furthermore, the door on the new fridge doesn’t close as easily as the old one, and there have already been several occasions when I have accidentally left it open; on the bright side, when I heard another strange sound, I quickly realized that the new fridge also comes with an alarm which goes off when the door is left open.

When all is said and done, we are lucky that appliances are included in our rent and that we do not have to worry about replacing things ourselves and incurring the exorbitant costs that go along with it, but we are also at the building’s mercy when it comes to what we end up with and how long we have to wait to get it.

For the time being – mostly because I don’t want to go through the whole ordeal again – everything is back to normal and we are getting used to our new fridge. Still, the next time something breaks in our apartment, I might just keep it to myself.♦


Copyright © by Andrea Freedman 2016