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Back to Reality

By Andrea Freedman

A lot of lounging at the pool this summer may have made me a bit sluggish, so much so that I must confess to having whiled away a few hours each week watching reality TV. Now that the lazy hot days of summer are coming to an end for another year, it is time for me to refocus my time and energy on more important things.

Watching reality TV was a much needed escape for me when I needed it, something I mostly kept a secret up until now.

Ahh – I’ve lost my mind!

This past summer, sometimes turning off my mind was actually a good thing. I taped various reality shows to save for when I was home alone with nothing to do – although it could be argued that I could always find something to do, something more stimulating to my mind and productive than watching reality TV!

Nevertheless, sometimes it’s nice to forget your troubles and get sucked into the strange world of these people who are now considered stars, even though they have no real training or acting experience.

The trouble is that one hour can lead to another. I tell myself I will get back to work after my break, but after I’m done I no longer have the motivation to do anything else.

As I know my husband doesn’t approve of my watching these mindless programs, when I hear his key in the door I panic and immediately reach for the remote so I can press stop in time before he catches me in the act. “What are you watching?” he asks. “Nothing,” I reply sheepishly.

Please, Let Me In!

As strange as I find some of the people I have watched on reality TV, a part of me also finds them fascinating.

Over time, my list has grown to include The Duggars, Little People Big World, Kate Plus Eight, Return to Amish and yes, the Kardashians, Even though for the most part I can’t relate to most of these reality TV families, it is fun to get a glimpse into their worlds just the same.

I have sometimes asked myself if I would I even be friends with any of these people or if they would be friends with me. There are times when I envy them, their money and some of their seemingly simple lives and the way they always seem to be at home.

Wait a minute – why do I care?

When all is said and done, much of what happens (or doesn’t happen) on these shows is actually often quite boring.

That being said, I must admit it wasn’t easy at first, but I have already started the first week of “back to school” without taping or watching some of these shows and so far I have not felt that I really missed out on anything.

Reality TV has been a good escape for me at a time when I really needed it but it has now served its purpose. This fall, I plan to stop wasting any more time obsessing over the lives of people who I don’t know and get back to reality!


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