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Put a lid on it!

By Andrea Freedman

Although this has been one of our warmest winters on record, and certainly the mildest I personally can ever remember in my entire life, it has also been simultaneous with me adding an accessory to my winter wardrobe that I have not worn since childhood, that being a hat.

When I was a kid and my mom would insist that I not leave the house or walk to school without my hat on a cold winter’s day, I quickly would remove it the moment I was out of sight from home, regardless of how cold or blustery it was outside.

I always felt that a hat was a terrible look for me, not to mention what a mess it made of my hair. No matter how low the temperature dropped or how gusty the winds were, wearing a hat was the last thing I wanted to do. Back then, none of the “cool” kids wore hats.

Once I joined the workforce, there were many years when I hardly had to go outdoors to get to the office, as it was connected directly to the subway. Now that my life takes me outdoors much more than it did in the past, I have come to look forward to getting fresh air every day, even if it is cold outside. So, this winter, I took the plunge and decided to get over myself, put vanity aside and buy a hat.

I figured it was a very inexpensive purchase which I probably wouldn’t make that much use of; still, I thought it would come in handy on some days. Funny enough, as soon as I put it on and spent some time outdoors with it, I immediately noticed how much more able I was to brave the elements. I forgot what it was like to have a toasty forehead and warm ears in the winter and I could hardly believe the difference!

These days, kids, teens and young adults alike wear hats all the time, and seem to know that it only makes sense to include a hat in one’s winter attire. In fact, I’d venture to say that nowadays, the “cool” kids actually do wear hats without thinking twice about it, even sometimes as part of an outfit while they are indoors.

Even though this winter never seemed to fully get off the ground and many Canadians were treated to spring-like conditions, there still have been some days when it was extremely cold. On those occasions, wearing a hat gave me the freedom to face almost any weather; in fact, I can’t believe I went as long as I did without wearing one.

As things turned out, there were even some days when I was in between hair appointments, and was actually grateful that I had an excuse to wear a hat and cover it up. My hat has also served as a good disguise on days when I needed to go out but didn’t necessarily want to be recognized. My hat was one of the best purchases I made all season.

Next winter I won’t concern myself so much with how I look, and won’t think twice about wearing a hat on a cold day. After all, I’m too cool for that!♦


How about you? Would you sacrifice beauty for warmth or stoically brave the cold?


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