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Vote with confidence – but keep it to yourself!

By Andrea Freedman

A reminder about everyone’s entitlement to privacy when choosing who to vote for at the election tomorrow, I thought I would re-post an article I wrote about this topic, published in the October, 2014 East York Chronicle:



Put the Word Out

By Andrea Freedman

Last Sunday, I attended Word on the Street, Toronto’s largest annual book and magazine festival.

As the two seminars I specifically wished to attend at the festival were being held in the morning, right at the beginning of the event, I decided to set my alarm and drag myself out of bed early on a Sunday morning (before 9 am is early on a weekend, as far as I am concerned) and made the effort to ensure I was there on time.

For all the times I have claimed that I could not attend a writers’ conference because of the need to travel to the conference and the high prices to attend, this time I had no excuse, as these talks were free.

I found the seminars I attended to be extremely helpful and worthwhile. The first was about how to get published, and yet another was about writing for magazines.

I was encouraged when I heard some of the questions I heard from other members of the audience. It reinforced to me that I had at least surpassed the breakthrough stages of being a writer – that is, getting published, maintaining a blog and then being paid for writing. It was good to know that I have learned a few things since beginning to embark on my writing career full-time.

This year, for the first time, the festival was held at the beautiful Harbourfront Centre in Toronto, which made the day even that much better. The sun was glistening on the water; as far as weather goes, it was a perfect day for attending such an event. With many exciting new titles to choose from, it really gave people the chance to add to their book collections. I myself mostly walked around, observed and soaked up the atmosphere.

Turning down offers from others who hinted at possibly joining me at the fair, I chose instead to go alone and I was glad I did, happily strolling around in the company of other writers and people  who have an appreciation for the printed word. It felt good to be a part of something that celebrated books.

So put the word out: Word on the Street is a great way to share a positive experience with those who share a love for books, magazines and the printed word.

All in all, I was glad I set my alarm and made the effort to get there on time. Having said that, I am looking forward to sleeping in this Sunday!♦

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