Just Park It!

Andrea Freedman

With summer having come to an official close, I spent part of this past weekend in my local park, and reflected upon how big a role parks have always played in my life.

When my sister and I were little girls, our grandparents lived across the street from us. Every Sunday, my grandfather would come over and take us to the park. Those days, and the fun we had, are still etched in my memory as clear as if they had happened yesterday.

We would laugh while being pushed on the swings, and after several trips down the slide, the outing always ended with a trip to the store across the street, where my grandfather would encourage us to choose every chocolate bar we wanted in the entire store.

Over the years, I have actually made some good friends with people I met in the park. The park is a place that is nice to be as a couple, with a friend or on your own. It is one place where there is something for everyone, and it doesn’t cost a thing.

Spending time in a beautiful park is good for the soul; not to mention, I get a lot of surprise writing ideas in the park.

Birds can be heard chirping and laughter often fills the air.  Whether you choose to bask in the sunshine, or lounge beneath the shade of a tree, the atmosphere is peaceful. On a nice day, if you’re lucky, the ice cream truck just might come by. A park is a simple pleasure that can provide a backdrop to a nice day, no matter what age one is.

The park is a great place for a picnic – on a nice day, food somehow tastes better when eaten outdoors, surrounded by nature’s beauty. It is also a good place to clear one’s head.

No matter how much construction is going on these days, you can get away from all the noise as long as you have a park nearby. A park can take us out of the concrete for a while and remind us of the beauty around us.

Parks help to foster a sense of community. They can be great to get dog owners talking, or just a space to share in companionable silence. It is so important that we keep our green spaces, and that respect our parks by not littering, including dog owners diligently scooping up after their dogs. We all need to do our part in preserving the cleanliness and integrity of our parks.

Whether it is a beautiful bird, the changing leaves, or a snow-filled sunny day, I rarely spend a day in a park that does not inspire something to write about.

So, the next time you are feeling out of sorts or at a loss for something to do, take your book or notepad and park it!☼



Copyright © by Andrea Freedman, September 2014


About andfreed

I am a Toronto based writer of articles, columns, essays and novels.

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  1. I grew up opposite a park and spent many hours playing. Wonderful memories 😀


  2. You were lucky to have such a good relationship with your grandfather that left you with such great memories.
    Enjoy the Indian Summer in the park.


  3. I am fortunate in that I live in a big town surrounded by some amazing countryside and historic monuments which can be inspiring as well as removing that urban background noise.

    One of my favourite spots near here is the Bronze Age monument Uffington White Horse. It’s a lovely view up there right across the Wiltshire and Oxfordshire countryside.


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