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Will it be Rain or Shine? Make up Your Mind!

Andrea Freedman

There are some days during the summer where no matter what my plans are for the day, there is bound to be someone who tells me that (a) it is going to rain; or (b) that it is a beautiful day and why aren’t I out there?

While we have had many sunny days, the temperatures have not been as consistently hot as we have enjoyed in previous summers. Many of the threats of rain never come, while other times, the weather can turn with only seconds to spare to duck inside for cover.

The sky darkens; just as the clouds come in so do my eyelids begin to close. If this happens at around four or five o’clock in the afternoon, in other words after I have had a chance to enjoy the rest of the day – that actually works out well for me as far as nap time goes.

I am not happy, however, when the minute I have begun to fall into a deep sleep, without warning, the sun comes out. While I doubt there are many people out there who appreciate a sunny day more than I do, I really wish the weather would just make up its mind. If I have geared my day around rain, believe it or not, I actually find it almost annoying when things completely change when the day is almost over. Crazy as it sounds, I then sometimes feel obligated to go outside, to be out there for every sunny moment of the summer.

Let’s face it; dinner time is not generally an ideal time for many of us to go for a leisurely swim. And although the sun is strong until the early evening hours, evening is not necessarily the time I feel like putting on a bathing suit.

I realize that those who are at work all day are just as happy to come outside and begin their evening in the sunshine. That’s great, and while I enjoy reading on my balcony in the evenings, I prefer to bask in the sunshine during the day.

When I was stuck in an office full-time, it was very frustrating to me when one summer, every single day I worked was nice outside, while it rained every weekend and day off.

In fact, I recall taking a week off and it raining every day of my vacation. When I got back to work, one of my colleagues seemed to take pleasure in teasing me about the bad weather I had had while I was on holiday. Needless to say, I did not see the humour.

This summer, I take each day as it comes. Some days it is cool, some days it’s hot, some days it rains.  There is no point in panicking about below seasonal temperatures. After all, that is not really what summer is about.

While I don’t recommend spending a beautiful day indoors watching television, I would not suggest that as a way to spend a day during any season of the year, but especially summer. That is not to say that if you need a nap (although this can arguably be done in the park), or if you just feel like finding some shade somewhere and keeping to yourself at home some days, that you are not entitled to do whatever you want.

This summer is a mixed bag, but it is still summer nonetheless. Rather than chasing every minute of sunshine, or feeling bad or guilty for possibly missing one precious moment of it, I plan to make the most of every day, no matter what the weather brings. As long as when I am just about to get cozy and watch a movie, the sun doesn’t decide to come out!☼

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Not working works for me

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Not working works for me

Please, Don’t Give Me the Finger!

Andrea Freedman

A few weeks ago, what seemed like a minor accident almost turned into something pretty major.

For one fateful moment, I looked the wrong way, got distracted and got my baby finger caught in the hinge side of my front door. I was so shocked that for a moment I could not seem to move the door so that I could release my trapped finger.

In the blink of an eye, I had ripped a significant piece of skin from my finger, and I momentarily panicked as I wondered if I would in fact lose this finger altogether. The pain was excruciating, and the blood seemed like it would never stop flowing.

My face went white as a sheet, and I began to break out into a sweat. Luckily, a couple of neighbours were around and were kind enough to come in and assist me, not to mention calm me down. After I had settled down and got the bleeding under control, I actually felt nauseous. I think the experience was more traumatic than anything else.

I imagined all sorts of horrible outcomes, the worst of which being that I would lose my finger. I wondered if, at the very least, I would have nerve damage or loss of the use of the finger;

I was angry with myself for letting this happen. I could have easily avoided it. I used to laugh when my dad would say “There’s no such thing as being too careful!” While I am certainly not suggesting that we all live in fear, now I think my dad is right!

After the incident, and several band-aids later, I marvelled at how much pain, not to mention trauma, can come from such a small part of the body. The tiniest injury altered some of my day to day activities while I waited for the healing to begin.

It took several days for the wound to close and for the swelling of the tip of my finger to go down. I had to curtail using upper body weights at the gym for nearly two weeks. I also found it more difficult to write, and learned to use my keyboard without my little finger for several days. On the bright side, it did give me an excuse to put cleaning and other household chores on hold.

I have a new appreciation for this little appendage, and I am grateful that it is still attached to me. I have proudly shown it off to friends and family and watched the horror on their faces. I assured them that this is nothing – imagine how they would have reacted if they had seen it when it first happened!

I’m pretty sure I will have a scar when this little finger is finally completely healed, but that is fine with me. At least I did not lose a body part, and the scar will serve as a reminder for me to be more careful in the future.

I am lucky nothing worse happened to me, but it was a warning to me to not walk around with my head in the clouds, or take things for granted when it comes to my safety.

From now on, instead of falling victim to a needless accident, I plan to just give it the finger! But just in case, I better make sure I am always stocked up on band-aids.♦




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