Save Some Room for Dessert!

Andrea Freedman

Recently, after attending a family barbecue, I came home and realized that I actually regretted not having more of the desserts. I passed up beautiful home made pies, cookies and squares, opting for the fruit instead.

As often happens, I was too full from what I had already eaten to have dessert. Also, I confess to sometimes being overly cautious about consuming excess calories.

I think we sometimes kid ourselves into thinking that as long as we skip dessert we are not loading up on calories. That is actually not always true; besides, dessert calories are worth it!

I have two friends who, when we go out to dinner together, always order one dessert to share between the three of us. It is the perfect end to a meal, and small enough that we don’t feel guilty or overly stuffed afterward. I might add that these two ladies are, and always have been my skinniest friends.

As a kid, I remember being offered dessert only as a reward if I ate every bite of food that was served to me. As an adult, I realize that I do not have to clean my plate in order to be given the privilege of something sweet at the end of my dinner.

I think some people feel self-conscious if others see them eating dessert, since it is considered fattening; but dessert is actually just a course of a meal, just like an appetizer or entree.

Dessert makes a good dinner feel just that much more satisfying. And sometimes it is nice to have a piece of cake or – if we are fortunate enough to take seconds of a really good dessert home with us – some other special treat to look forward to when we feel like a snack later on or even the next day.

There have been too many times where I came home and was hungry again later in the evening, wishing I had eaten dessert, or that I had accepted the rest of a birthday cake that was offered to me to take home. On those occasions, I usually end up throwing some other concoction together, which is often just as high in calories, but not nearly as much fun to eat.

I admit that sometimes I wish I could eat a whole cheese cake or an entire container of ice cream. While I am pretty sure I can control myself so that I never take this dessert thing that far, I think it is safe to say that nothing drastic will happen to me if I enjoy a baked good every now and then.

This summer, hopefully we will all get invited to some good barbecues. But remember, a good burger is one thing; something delectably sweet and decadent is quite another.

The next time, instead of regretting desserts lost, I am just going to eat them and stop wishing I had afterwards. All the work I do at the gym should count for something, and life is too short to deny myself its simple pleasures. Besides that, if someone is going to go to the trouble of making dessert, the least I can do is eat it!☼



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  1. Monica Doolittle

    I especially loved this! I was at a catered BBQ last night. Let’s say I made you proud!!


  2. I sometimes feel that I would love some Cappucino Yogurt and I would like to finish the whole tub, but I always decide against that luxury and eat only a little bit. It would be wonderful to be able to indulge myself whenever I pleased, but if I haven’t done it until now, I’m not going to trade a good solid meal for a one night stand of desserts.


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