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  1. I get your drift about the clean dishes=clean slate=fresh eyes etc. My only problem is that I have a sister who obsessively cleans her broadloom with a damp paper towel and I can’t get that image out of my head when I imagine you elbows deep in dishsuds, dreamy eyes, humming away to your latest creation. What the hell eh? Whatever gets them dishes sparklin’ and the words on the page.


  2. My wife used to be a caterer so I’m quite spoiled when it comes to cuisine. Because she spends so much time preparing meals, I have usually taken on the role of clean up. We do have a dishwasher, though not at the pied-a-terre in Montreal, a place where I usually enjoy more doing the dishwashing for some reason.

    Anyway, Naomi and I are both cleanliness fanatics (well, not eccentrically so, thank God) so we’re on the same page in that regard. Point is, we share the clean up and enjoy an equality in regard to “domestic work”. Fair is fair.

    Thanks for the insights. Well done.


  3. Inspiring and very well written
    Keep up the good work


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