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  1. As another Carolyn who constantly gets called ‘Caroline’, both verbally and in writing, even by some who know me well, I also find it very puzzling as to why many people confuse the two so frequently. Is it a form of word blindness, or just laziness? It feels inconsiderate and sometimes humiliating. I have an acquaintance called Caroline with exactly the opposite problem. I am 60+ and despair of some folk I know ever being ‘cured’ of this problem, sometimes dipping between the two – when they see my name in writing, and hear it, often enough! Thank you Andrea, someone who understands the way I feel!


  2. Also have this frustrating experience. My name is Caroline pronounced Carolyn and I get called Caroline even when I correct them! Do Madeline’s get the same confusion or do people say adrenaline in various ways too?


  3. My name is Caroline and people call me Carolyn ALL THE TIME! Even when I tell them my name, they respond by calling me “Carolyn.” Not quite sure what’s so difficult about these names. 🤷‍♀️


  4. I loved your comments about the name of Carolyn as I am also confused with Caroline. I do disagree with you about the way to pronounce Carolyn. Since there is only one L in the name it should be pronounced Caro-lyn. Not Carol-Lyn. That is saying 2 names.


  5. Another Caroline here–I get called “Carolyn” waaaay more often than “Caroline”, especially when first meeting people. I even get it in emails–I’ve just signed my name Caroline, and I get an email back addressed to Carolyn! There are people I’ve known for years who call me Carolyn; it’s too awkward to correct them now, and they apparently don’t notice others calling me Caroline. Must be something inherent about the name!


  6. Hi. My name is Caroline actually. Let me tell you I get called Carolyn all the time. My name gets misspelled to Carolyn a lot too. Every other Caroline I’ve met has the same problem. I get your frustration, but this happens just as often to people named Caroline. I hear my name mispronounced all the time at school, when meeting people, on tv and movies, and when I haven’t seen somebody in awhile they will call me Carolyn. It drives me nuts no one can say these two SIMPLE names correctly.


    • Hi Caroline; who would have thought that “Carolines” experience the same frustration! Thanks for sharing your side and I hope people start to finally pronounce your name correctly!


  7. AMEN. As a Carolyn, you have accurately described my entire life’s experience. I’m so exhausted at this point it that I often don’t even correct others anymore. GUGHGGGH!


  8. Good for you for mentioning this. How difficult is it to pronounce the name Carolyn? It’s a wonderful name and deserves a little effort on the part of everyone who knows her. It’s worth it. Not the most science rocket in the world.


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