A Perfect Ten, Seven Times and Counting

A Perfect Ten, Seven Times and Counting

Andrea Freedman

As I look at the green decorations and party hats adorning the stores in anticipation of this upcoming weekend’s St. Patrick’s Day, I am reminded of yet another special day. This St. Patrick’s Day, which happens to fall on a Sunday so people can really enjoy it, also happens to be my mother’s seventieth birthday.

My mom may not be too happy with me at first when she discovers that I announced her age to the world, especially since until recently, I have rarely heard her express concern about turning another year older. Nevertheless, believe it or not, even at the age of seventy, she is actually, in a word, hot, and deserving, I think, of having that fact celebrated.

When people see my mother they can hardly believe how good she looks, and not just for her age. She proves that going to the gym and being diligent about good skincare and healthy eating habits really do make a difference and that defying some of the possible effects of aging really can be done. And no, it does not only have to be reserved for the likes of Jane Fonda and other such celebrities.

Men still flirt with her and women pay her frequent compliments. When we are out together, it sometimes seems as though people are surprised to learn we are mother and daughter, perhaps because she is so much more put together than I am, and never afraid to wear the latest fashions or bold colours. It is only fitting that she was born on St. Patrick’s Day; she makes everyone else, young and old, green with envy.

When I was little I thought I had the prettiest mother in the world. I now realize that my mother is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. She cares deeply about her close friends and family and has taught her kids to be honest and straightforward and to stand up for ourselves and those we love.

Romance is not only for the young but also for the young at heart and her relationship with my dad, to whom she has been married for forty-eight years, is a great example of how love, laughter and depth of caring for another person can enrich our lives and help keep us feeling and maybe even looking young and more alive.

My mom was only twenty-three years old when I was born. When I think of myself at that age, I cannot imagine someone that inexperienced and immature having children, let alone being married.

Our family has done a lot of growing up over the years and it has been nice, after knowing her for forty-six years, to watch my mom become cooler. Whereas when I was a teenager there were certain things I would not dream of discussing with my mother, it is liberating to me that now there is almost nothing I could say that would shock her.

My mom will always be beautiful no matter how many birthdays she has. I think once the day passes she will be better able to accept it. She really does not seem any older to me, either by her looks, energy or her vivacious personality and spirit. I cannot help being proud of my mother as well as optimistic for my own future. I am grateful to her and the good genes she has hopefully passed on to me.

Reaching and celebrating a milestone birthday is a time to reflect on all of one’s accomplishments and experiences. Turning seventy, or any age for that matter, does not mean that a woman has to start dressing matronly, stop caring about grooming or that one has to hang up his or her running shoes and watch their waist line expand.

This St. Patrick’s Day, raise your glass of green beer to my beautiful mother. She is an inspiration and a reminder that it is possible to look, and feel, like a perfect ten, not only for all of life’s milestones but also for each and every day in between.♦

Copyright © 2013 by Andrea Freedman


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  1. Michael Gerlock

    Andrea, It has been a long time since I have seen or spoken to you and just happen to fall into your writtings. I think its wonderful that you have broken free of the corporate world and have mayde the choice to follow your dreams. You were always extremely passsionate and funny, and to finally have the form to express your inner thoughts is terriffic.I quickly read a few of your acticles and its easy to see through your writtings how much freer and happy you appear to be. Michael Gerlock


  2. Phil and Gloria Freedman

    Well, I have to say that the article you wrote is the most wonderful thing I have ever read, and you deserve alot of recognition as a Writer from this beautiful gift to me. I feel as though I accomplished so much having a wonderful daughter like you. I love you so much. Mom.


  3. Very well written


  4. Oh just loved it! Happy birthay to your mom!!! I wish one day my daughters will be as proud of me as you are of your mother!


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