The Ladies’ Room?! – a disturbing look into the secret conduct of women in public restrooms

October 30, 2012

By Andrea Freedman

It is no secret that public washrooms worldwide can cause even the most rustic of us to recoil in disgust, but when it comes to women’s restrooms, the “Ladies” room is a term that is used rather loosely, because ladies are the last thing that most patrons of public ladies’ rooms behave like. In fact, it is said that women’s public washroom conduct is much worse than men’s.
Whether it be in a health club, restaurant or office, public ladies’ rooms are generally the receptacle for bad manners and inconsiderate, often repulsive behavior. It is here that women who are otherwise impeccably spotless in their own homes let loose, abandoning all sense of decency, hygiene and to my mind, reason. I mean, who in their right mind would not realize that disposable toilet-seat covers are meant to be disposed of, not left on the seat after you leave, inviting the next person to share in the flimsy piece of paper separating them from the toilet, thereby defeating the purpose of the seat cover in the first place?
If I am lucky enough to come into a used-seat-cover-free stall, no sooner am I disappointed when I see the drops of “moisture”, for lack of a better word, mysteriously adorning the toilet seat – in the ladies room. I find this baffling although I am certain that in most cases I would just as soon rather not think about how those little beads of water got there. Regardless, if you accidentally wet the seat, is it so difficult to think of the predicament you are putting the next restroom patron in and take some toilet paper and wipe it off – and remember to flush that piece of toilet paper once you have finished?
And pardon me, but aren’t we all taught to flush immediately at the time of toilet training? Why is it then that so many of you seem to have forgotten how to flush?
Recently, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what hit the fan when, there it was, glaring me in the face, a rather large “gift” deposited in a public ladies’ room stall and left as a shocking greeting for all to see. I was appalled. Did this actually come from a lady and why was she so eager to show it off? Speaking of showing off, is that what people are doing when they open the door to their stall mid-flush, the contents of what they left there not quite yet out of sight for someone else who might be approaching to go into that stall next? How intimate do people actually believe others wish to be with them in the ladies’ room?
Public restrooms are no one’s first choice but unfortunately most of us have to use them on a daily basis. The ladies’ room is sometimes a sanctuary, an escape for a few stolen moments during the day, but is also a necessary, unavoidable place. It can either be a pleasant or horrifying experience; it’s all up to us. Ladies, we could all benefit so greatly if we could just all work together here and get a hold of ourselves and before we leave the ladies’ room next time, remember that we are not animals, that we must dispose of our feminine hygiene products in a discreet fashion, throw our used paper towel in the garbage rather than on the floor, flush the toilet, wipe the seat and remove whatever we have ourselves placed there at the beginning of our visit. Oh and wait – aren’t you forgetting something? Please, for all of our sakes, wash your hands!♠

Copyright © 2012 Andrea Freedman


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I am a Toronto based writer of articles, columns, essays and novels.

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  1. Well said Andrea!!! Hope all ladies can learn from your advice 🙂


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